We take into account the unique attributes of the property and borrower.
Below are our general guidelines for our main loan programs

Whether a fix and flip or cash-out, JCL offers competitive options to secure the financing needed for your short-term commericial bridge loan. Feel free to contact us to discuss your project. Below are our general guidelines for construction loans.
Loan Size $150,000 and Up
Term 12 - 24 months
Loan to Cost (LTC) Up to 100%
Rate As low as 8%
Fees As low as 1%
Amortization Interest only
Property / Project Types 1 - 4 family (non-owner occupied), multi-family, mixed use, retail, commercial
Lending Area Major Metro Areas in Northeast U.S.
Lien Position Senior / Mezz
JCL offers ground-up construction loans in the New York City and Westchester Couny, NY markets. Feel free to contact us to discuss your project. Below are our general guidelines for construction loans.
Loan Size $150,000 and Up
Term 12-24 Months
Loan to Cost (LTC) Up to 55%
Rate As low as 10%
Fees As low as 2%
Loan to Value Up to 65%
Amortization Interest only based on dollars disbursed
Property / Project Types Construction
Lending Area New York City and surrounding suburbs
Lien Position Senior
JCL Capital offers permanent financing options for stabilized commercial properties in primary and select secondary markets across the U.S. We underwrite and collaborate with our partner network to find the best possible permanant financing arrangements for our customers. Below are our general guideline for permanent financing.
Location U.S. Nationwide, Primarily major and secondary markets
Project Types Multifamily, Retail, Industrial, Self-Storage, Medical Facilities and Medical Office, Mixed-Use, Condo Construction, Underlying Coop mortgages, Ground Leases and Leasehold Mortgages
Loan Size $250,000+. No upper limit. Will consider smaller loans a case-by-case basis.
Term 5 years - 30 years fixed rates
Rates Current typical 10 year fixed rates 4.5-5.0%
Expenses Loan fees +/- 1.25% (includes Lending Source). Borrower pays for 3rd party vendors (appraisal, Phase I, etc.), all title charges and lender's legal
* We consider property income and borrower financials when the exit strategy is fix and hold.

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